August 13, 2009

Never ending flight

As I've mentioned earlier my parents were gonna arrive to Cyprus this Thursday. Our meeting time was planned for 14.55pm.
When I woke up this morning I already had a message from my mum saying: "We have arrived to Vienna." I thought: "Great! Soon I will see my mum and dad, and we all will be chilling by the sea, eating BBQ, driving around the sunny island and enjoying each others' company."
As we all probably know many things in life don't happen the way we expect them to be.
After they arrived to Vienna this morning they had a gap about 30 - 40 min between flights. They probably went straight for checking their bags, passport control, etc. When my parents showed their Pro-visa, staff took so long to check information on their visas that my parents had to miss their flight! It was so disappointing because I haven't seen my mummy and daddy for over 6 months + it's my mum's Birthday on the 16th that i wanted to celebrate so much with her.
So things turned out to be different, but not worse. Now they are flying back to London, where they left from, in order to get a direct flight to Larnaca (Cyprus). I'm so looking forward to seeing them tonight (23.00pm). I just want to give them big hugs and say how much I've missed them.:)

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