July 31, 2009

My hopes won't be withered by the sun!

Still missing my Unic (University of Nicosia) life. It was so much fun, joy, a life full of emotions, beautiful personalities, crazy pre-parties, lunch cooked for a bunch of friends, trips to the Turkish side of the island... It's been a year now i haven't studied except from working on my thesis. Working on it was fun but not much of socializing like it used to be 1 year ago. Still life in Cyprus is beautiful even though it gets boring sometimes. I don't mind it to be honest as long as i get enough fun before i live this hot place for good. On September I'm enrolling to LCC for MA in Interactive Media. It's so exciting, i really cant wait. Me and AJ have decided on moving to London for a couple of years. But we have been going through some rough time lately. I may have to live in London for the first three months on my own until AJ sorts everything out in Cyprus. I will be letting you know on how things are getting along for us. I hope we both make it to the city of my dream eventually.:))))

July 27, 2009

Feel the sun against my skin...

Beautiful shadow on the wall in our garden

July 25, 2009

a midnight thought

Just thought of sharing this with you....
I have been going through some tough time recently. After my presentation for final year project I've been free of doing anything exciting really. It feels like I'm stuck in the gap between Cyprus and England. I cant say that this summer is going the way I'd prefer. Me and A. still have august ahead of us. So i will make sure we will have a plenty of fun before we move to the UK.
P.S. promise to write about Cyprus in this blog... some day :)))