July 25, 2009

a midnight thought

Just thought of sharing this with you....
I have been going through some tough time recently. After my presentation for final year project I've been free of doing anything exciting really. It feels like I'm stuck in the gap between Cyprus and England. I cant say that this summer is going the way I'd prefer. Me and A. still have august ahead of us. So i will make sure we will have a plenty of fun before we move to the UK.
P.S. promise to write about Cyprus in this blog... some day :)))


  1. Thanks Olivia :)I took it some time ago in Agia Napa (Cyprus). While my friend was sleeping in the car I was extremely bored and sleepless. At some point i decided to take pictures of the sunrise in the small port. Our car was parked in one of the most beautiful and romantic places of Napa - on the parking next to marina. I couldn't miss that marvelous moment. It was worth every sleepless minute!