July 31, 2009

My hopes won't be withered by the sun!

Still missing my Unic (University of Nicosia) life. It was so much fun, joy, a life full of emotions, beautiful personalities, crazy pre-parties, lunch cooked for a bunch of friends, trips to the Turkish side of the island... It's been a year now i haven't studied except from working on my thesis. Working on it was fun but not much of socializing like it used to be 1 year ago. Still life in Cyprus is beautiful even though it gets boring sometimes. I don't mind it to be honest as long as i get enough fun before i live this hot place for good. On September I'm enrolling to LCC for MA in Interactive Media. It's so exciting, i really cant wait. Me and AJ have decided on moving to London for a couple of years. But we have been going through some rough time lately. I may have to live in London for the first three months on my own until AJ sorts everything out in Cyprus. I will be letting you know on how things are getting along for us. I hope we both make it to the city of my dream eventually.:))))

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